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For the Scars I Have
I have been told I do not know pain
But I do
My heart was broken by the man I looked up to
The man who gave me life and
I was abandoned by him
I was young
I did not know what to do
Was it my fault that made him leave?
Confusion lead to depression and rage
And rage turned to flame of destruction
I fed the furnace of hatred with the things he bought me
Then to my own bed
Thankfully it was put out before any real damage was done
Soon after we moved
But my depression came with me
In my new house
Sometimes at night I would
Sit atop the staircase with a kitchen
Knife when everyone went to sleep
Silently wondering to myself
If my blood would reach the bottom before I died
After thinking it over and over
Tormenting myself with
"What ifs"
I would cry
Out of anguish and regret
And trudge down and put the knife back
When I got back to my room
I would shame myself for not have to guts
To cut myself to bleed out
I found a way to cut myself and
Not show scars
I would cut my bonds with friends
I woul
:iconnomnom2010:NomNom2010 3 7
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12. Insanity
I stood gently
So calm as they stared
They didn’t want to let me
Haunt the dreams they would have to bear
But their duty was to protect
The people I had harmed
I smiled without protest
Just a child who has carved
It was a bleak time
Yet I was in bliss
For the riddles and rhymes
Let my troubled mind be kissed
By the ease of Madness
The sun shone not
Under the cloudy sky
The year was nearly gone
And I wouldn’t lie
When they caught me in the act
I hat tortured this young boy
To see the fear that he would cast
He was my chew toy
And mentally he scarred
But I left him no harm
Though my hands were on his neck
I was careful to inspect
That there was nothing I had left
:iconignotusdominus:IgnotusDominus 3 0
Why My Heart Begins to Bleed (Poem)

This depression
This sadness
This pain I feel profound
This madness
This confusion
Where nothing feels so sound
No joy
No hope
No comfort giving light
No prospects
No future
Just fetid ridden blight
This pain
In my heart
It never goes away
The agony
The tears
As my symptoms do not sway
My heart
It bleeds
From tears that I have shed
The nightmares
The frights
From the times I've gone to bed
No release
No exception
From these pains I have to face
No aid
No salvation
As nothing gives me grace
No hope
No future
From these times I always cry
Just blood
And sorrow
Would be better if I just die...
:iconjcsolis01:JCSolis01 17 7
I am still fighting the ocean of sadness with its waves of misery eroding my cliffs on which I stand. When the battle was waged, it was a surprise attack, I did not have time fortify myself as the waves came crashing down. The waves took chunks of my happiness, after the first siege I had to collect myself and see the damage. I was horrified at what I saw, I tried to work fast before the next onslaught of negativity, but still I was unprepared. Only this time the waves took less. I was able to fortify myself again, only stronger. There were times where the waves turned into tsunamis and crashed upon my shores, but I survived and only got stronger. This is a war that will never end, for the waves can never stop, for as the moon pulls the tides, the negativity pulls the tides of despair. I will not give in to the madness that this ocean dwells upon, I can only make myself stronger. My friends keep my resolve immortal, and for that I am here to stand strong.  
:iconnomnom2010:NomNom2010 4 8
For those out there
The waves of the looming void
Hello, how is your day going?
This simple sentence can mean the difference
Between life and death
I want to tell you no matter what happens
When it all seems like the only person who cares
For you is yourself
There is someone thinking of you
It can be your parents
Your friends
Or someone you just met
I, for one, would love to sit down and chat over some
Tea, or coffee if that is your choice of drink
But anyways if you need someone to rant to
Or rave
I am here willing to give my ears
Willing to give advice
Willing to comfort you in your time of need
I will tell you if nothing else live for yourself
Because you can find happiness
You don't need to conform to societies
Be who you are is all I ask
And no matter what I will accept you for who
You are
If you fall I will pick you up
If you need a shoulder to cry on I will be there
If you need a hello, hello I am here for you
We don't need to know one a
:iconnomnom2010:NomNom2010 6 4
My Beginning
The hardest thing for me
When I was in the middle of my depression
Was that I would lay in bed
Thinking about my life
And how it was going downhill
And how I could I change that
Not in the sense of ending my life
But in the sense of making it better
I was at the point of wanting to live
For I had found my passion
It was poetry
When I first started in middle school
When I learned that poetry is an excellent outlet
For emotions
I just let them control the hand that held the pencil
And wrote
After I presented my work
I was called up by the teacher and asked if I got this from the internet
I did not as the poems were my own
The teacher, the special needs teacher and her aids were flabbergasted
As I was told this was professional grade poetry
At this time I was writing more and more
I was emptying the bottle of emotions
That I was letting ferment in cellar of my heart
Letting them air out so they can become sweet
As soon as I was letting go the emotions
My world opened up
I was feeling bett
:iconnomnom2010:NomNom2010 3 0
Porcelain Mask
I'm the one saying hi everyday
with a smile on my face
a porcelain mask
I'm happy as can be
I'm fine
Can't you see these tears are of joy not pain
I'm not lonely, even when everyone around me is having fun
yet I am having to work
Can't you see I'm not stressed out
with having this great pressure put on me
See I'm laughing
I'm in pain, no I'm not
I'm losing it, no I'm fine
I can't handle this, yes I can
I screaming out with silence
The tears roll down my face
I can't take it anymore
huah huah
In and out
Just curl up into the fetal position
Everything will be just okay
Help me
:iconnomnom2010:NomNom2010 6 5
I smile because I am hurting inside
I comfort those in need when I have been searching for comfort
I lie saying I am okay when in fact I just want to crawl in bed and cry
I am that cheerful kid with sad and lonely eyes
I am afraid to let people see who I truly am
Because if they look into my heart they will see only pain and suffering
I push everyone away if one person gets too close
For it is the curse I put upon myself so that I will not break my heart
I trust too much and not enough at the same time
My naivety had led me down paths of anguish and mistrust
I have learned that to be strong I must be alone
And to be alone I must be weak
But I have gone against myself many times
I took the darkest path
Because I knew it would lead me to my fears
That I must overcome
The fear of letting people down
The fear of failure
The fear of abandonment
The fear of jubilation
The fear of the thoughts of others
And that to overcome these
I accepted that
I will let people down
I will fail
I will be ab
:iconnomnom2010:NomNom2010 2 3
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Drawing hands and eyes are hard, same with real mouths :(


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